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I’m going to invite you to learn some powerful and mind-blowing insights related to the food we eat . . . even the “healthy food’ we eat, but first, I want to tell you about Grandpa Joe.  I’ll also tell you about Jordan Rubin and Dr. Michael Colgan.  That should be enough to give you the blown mind I promised.  Here we go . . .

My Grandpa Joe was one of the strongest men I ever knew.  He wasn’t a bodybuilder, but just a strong, powerful, energetic farm-raised working man with a heart of gold and a contagious confidence.  Every morning he’d eat steak and eggs.  That’s right.  Steak and eggs.  He didn’t exercise, but he did drink milk by the gallon.  With all of that meat and dairy, I always wondered why he remained so athletic until his only illness, albeit a terminal one, took hold (and there’s a wild story behind his passing that I’ll save for another conversation).  Grandma Tillie, Joe’s wife and my Mom’s mother, lived to 101.  At the age of 100 she had uplifting conversations with my then-four-year-old daughter and the two of them had an incredible bond.  People loved Grandma Tillie for her wisdom, her heart, her caring, and her energy . . . yes . . . energy . . . at 100 years old.  Did she diet?  No, never.  She ate meat, potatoes, milk and eggs for a century, and enjoyed all of those foods the diets over the past few years told us to avoid.  Sure, Atkins said to eat steak and eggs . . . but Grandma Tillie and Grandpa Joe also ate bread, potatoes, corn, and . . . . even baked goods, some with chocolate chips!  With the exception of their final days, I don’t recall them ever being sick.

I hear many stories of healthy grandparents who ate what we now refer to as “fattening foods.”  This raises a question.  How come they were able to . . . and today we seek out “organic,” “natural,” and “low-fat” and we still struggle with health and body weight?

Our society has been convinced that people have become deconditioned primarily because of the technological boom that allowed us to sit at computers instead of plowing fields.  That certainly plays a role, but think a bit further . . . . most people have tried to “eat better.”  Most people have tried to exercise, and even with exercise absent, the decline in our health is unnatural.  It’s unprecedented.  Never in history has the health of the human population declined so rapidly.  Sure, drug companies come to the rescue to keep us alive . . . but . . . what happened to “natural health” being bestowed upon a population?

I now understand why our grandparents were able to eat in a manner that today raises eyebrows, and when you fully grasp the magnitude of the “why,” it should shock you, piss you off, and drive you to do something about it, at least for yourself and your own family.

The reality is, our food supply is toxic.  Even the “health” foods we’ve been driven to seek out fall in to a corrupt system that allows manufacturers to take dastardly shortcuts protected by the forces we are led to believe protect us (FDA, USDA, etc).  I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it isn’t rooted in paranoia.  This is real.

Enter Jordan Rubin (the New York Times bestselling author of the Maker’s Diet).  Jordan suffered with Crohn’s disease as a young man and if you see his “then” picture you’d be stunned (you’ll see it in the short video I’m about to refer you to).  He found health by making radical shifts in the food he consumed, and after gaining extreme health, he started Garden of Life, one of the most successful nutritional supplement companies with products made from real, organic, whole foods.

After cultivating, growing, and ultimately selling Garden of Life, Jordan traveled to Africa doing mission work and found incredible insights related to the way the Masai eat.  That opened his eyes to a new possibility, and he’s gone to the most extreme and admirable lengths I’ve ever seen anyone go to in the hope of bringing about a positive health shift in the United States.

Jordan literally “bought the farm.”  He bought land in Missouri and began learning dairy farming.  He intended to re-create food as it existed decades, scores, and hundreds of years ago, untarnished by pesticides, chemicals, toxins, and drugs.  He grew the grass.  Fed the calves in wide open pastures, and allowed the forces of God and nature to re-acquaint us with “real food,” the type of food Grandma Tillie and Grandpa Joe ingested for optimal health throughout their long and fulfilling lives.
Here’s a hard hitting reality. The wheat we eat today is NOT wheat, at least not as it was 30 years ago.  The meat we eat is NOT meat, at least no “as it used to be,” and the dairy available in our marketplace is so far from nature it’s almost a non-food.  The medical field wants us to believe “we’re changing and have to modify our food intake.”  The reality is, our food has changed in such a way that it brings us cellular hardship manifesting in disease.

A few years ago, I spoke with a mentor and friend, Dr. Michael Colgan, and he said something that was profound, but at the time sounded cuckoo.  He said, “Phil, I want you to teach your clients that health and fitness have little to do with calories.  Optimal health comes from eating light.”  He didn’t mean “light” mayo, he meant sunlight.  At the time I was puzzled, but now I get it.

The food that nourishes us at a cellular level is food that originated from the energy thrown off by the sun.  This was revealed and validated in a landmark study, The Human Genome project, where science came to understand human health on an entirely new plane.  It’s amazing we had to evolve so far into science that we had to wait until we understood how to read DNA, photograph cells, and study millions of miniscule events that all take place every minute while we eat, sleep, and breathe before science exposed the huge gap between the food we’re intended to eat, and the food we eat.

When grass, and clover, and kale, and wild herbs grow naturally, they serve as the food source for the livestock we may ultimately consume.  Even carnivores feed on herbivores.  Today we consume salmon spawned on farms without ever being exposed to sunlight.  We consume beef that comes from cows that have never even seen a true blade of grass.  Even our grass fed livestock are fed genetic mutations of grass.  Today I completely get it.  Health comes from healthy cells, and healthy cells are nourished by foods containing the energy of the sun.  I know it still sounds far-fetched, but it helps to explain why, over the last 30 years, as our food supply moved away from “nature,” diseases have escalated to epidemic proportions in younger and younger segments of our population.  Dr. Colgan believes so strongly in his assertions, he moved from California to Salt Spring British Columbia and eats only what is grown or caught locally.  When you understand the extreme degradation of our food supply, you’ll go to extreme lengths to feed yourself and your family optimally.

You don’t have to move to an island.  You just have to gain new insight, and Jordan Rubin is shining the light of insight for all of those willing to pay attention.  Beyond Organic launches in a matter of days.  The name is important to understand.

“Organic” has become a marketing vehicle, a word that can be plastered on food items that are anything but natural utilizing loopholes in labeling laws.  Beyond Organic is real, natural food, and in that, it’s filled with essential fats, probiotics, the highest quality proteins, and all of those “supplements” the health food stores convince us we need.  We do “need” these vital nutrients, but we don’t “need” supplements.  We “need” to get our nutrition from real, natural, food.

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