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Vegan Fitness

Knowledge is vital

As we come to learn more about our commercial food industry, if we seek optimal health we're forced to re-evaluate our nutritional choices. While many opt for grass-fed beef and organic dairy, more people seem to be moving toward a vegan lifestyle (only plant based foods).

In my EAT! recipe book I provide options for vegetarians and vegans but if for moral and ethical reasons, or for health concerns, you opt to adopt a fully vegan lifestyle, I strongly urge you to read, on your own, and understand how to obtain all of the vital nutrients in optimal amounts through plant based foods. Too many newly committed vegans design their program around "what not to eat," but if you're going to eliminate meats, dairy, eggs, poultry, and / or fish, you have to make certain you replace those minerals, proteins (amino acids) and essential fats from plant sources.

I'll say I've met many fit, healthy vegans, but I've also met many who struggle to maintain health after the process of elimination of animal-based foods. I'd suggest the primary difference is one of knowledge or education. There are thousands of books on vegan nutrition, but because I speak primarily to an audience connected to the exercise advantage, I've found the books that speak to athletes highly valuable even for the recreational athlete and new fitness enthusiast. I've included a few books I've found valuable below.