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Gettit #5: Conventional Wisdom isn’t wisdom at all

There are some elements of the programs I prescribe that go completely against convention.  “Phil, you can’t train the same muscles on consecutive days!  Conventional wisdom says you’ll overtrain.  The muscles need 48 hours for recuperation.”  Here’s my response. 

“Screw conventional wisdom!”

Conventional wisdom changes so quickly it’s like a map cluttered with conflicting directions.

If you’re looking for “conventional wisdom,” perhaps a contradiction in terms, you’ll either find some of the twists and turns on the roller coaster ride, or . . . you’ll begin the next drop by hooking onto the HcG Diet, signing up for the lap band, believing that 15 minutes of any activity a day is sufficient, or you’ll buy new expensive sneakers that are going to “shape up your legs” as you walk.  Convention is driven by advertising more than it is by evidence.  

Let’s be honest.  Conventional refers to a practice that is common.  We know Americans are fatter than ever and dis-ease is on the climb.  If what people are commonly doing is leading to a decline in health . . . who in their right mind wants to do what’s conventional?

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