7 Days - New Body, New Life

The Seven Letters

The quest to understand how to reverse dis-ease gave me entirely new perspectives on the power of exercise and supportive eating.  With an arsenal of information bursting to get out of my head, I was going to release a new book . . . but I decided not to.  i wanted to release the information with immediacy, and I wanted people to have access to it for free.  From that want came my Seven Letters.

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    Letter #1 - Fit & Healthy (what does it really mean?)

    Health and Fitness are words that get thrown around with little actual significance. In this first of Seven Letters, you'll come to understand how, when we look beyond the term, the essence of health and fitness is in direct correlation with the quality of the life you lead, the joy you find in each living day, and the value you find in every experience. In a society where disease has become acceptable, gain genuine insight into the power you have to master your own body and life. This letter opens the door to recognition over the immense power you have to be at your absolute best.
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    Letter #2 - Control & Belief

    Amazingly, most people fail to ever realize the control they have over their own bodies, and with mastery of mindset, fitness becomes simple.More often than not, the challenge lies in gaining clarity. Should we cut calories to lose weight? Are carbs really the enemy? Is aerobic exercise the key to weight loss? Must you do a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise before you burn fat? Myths and truths have converged to leave a very confused fitness wanting public. Find some clear answers and get your mind aligned with the fitness realities that will set you free.
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    Letter #3 - Sugar?!?!?!

    Delectable, Delicious, and Destructive. Sugar in 21st century food is not the same compound grandma used to bake cookies. Today's sugar realities are not so sweet, as they are driving obesity rates, diabetes incidence, and heart disease to alarming levels. Find out what the smoothie you're drinking is doing to your body! Find oiut why even "healthy" foods may be creating fat storage. Stop falling victim to the marketing that drives food sales at the expense of optimal health.
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    Letter #4 - Who Needs Machines?

    250 exercise machines??!? Find out why the modern day gym houses exercise machines that are unnecessary and in some cases, may do more harm than good. One of the more common mistakes gym goers make is excessive volume. Once you understand the reason for overkill, you'll come to learn the only 8 exercise movements you'll ever need!
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    Letter #5 - Are You Recovering?

    Recovery is the missing element that prevents many active people from finding the health and physique payoff they've all but written off. Find out why exercise, without adequate recuperation, may negatively impact immune function and overall health. Master the simple nutritional strategies that ensure optimal benefit from exercise.
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    Letter #6 - What Should I Eat?

    Eating. It's a tired topic. This letter, however, takes everything you've heard, everything you've tried to figure out, everything that's been confusing you, and makes it simple. After reading this letter, eating will again become fun, and rewarding. Supplements, meal preparation, metabolism, diet . . . it's all in here!
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    Letter #7 - The Walking Dead

    This is the most controversial piece I've ever written, and it's received more acclaim than all of the other letters combined. In it I reveal some shocking truths about medicine, about our population's health, and about the pitiful mental and physical decline so many will experience if they fail to take responsibility.