7 Days - New Body, New Life

Can You Go Back in Time?

The ALIVE protocol has offered stunning health reversals moving hundreds of people away from impending disease back toward perfect health.  It is now offered in a remote format in a groundbreaking program called ALIVE Across America.  It's fun.  It's compellling.  It's entertaining, but most of all, it's powerful in its ability to reshape, restructure, and rejuvenate the human machine.

You'll be invited to attend for only $25 per week, but first allow me to share some background invormation on the evoluation of the program.  Let's start with the idea of "rejuvenating the human machine."

You can't go back and undo the incidents of your life.  That's the bad news.  You can repent, apologize, do better, and if necessary plead for forgiveness, but you cannot go back in time and ask for a replay.

Now, the good news.  I saved money on my car insurance. 

Sorry, I couldn't resist. 

The good news is . . . when it comes to gradual physical damage, when it comes to the abuse you might have inadvertently put your body through by eating poorly, making bad decisions, or sitting still when you should have been moving, you can undo virtually all of it. I'm suggesting you can literally become younger, bring your body back in time.

Bad news and good news out of the way . . . next I have some troubling news, news I want you to ponder, and unless you find evidence to the contrary, consider as fact. 

Conventional medicine, as it functions today, is NOT utilizing the most successful and proven systems and tools for restoring youth, for minimizing or reversing the most common diseases, or for curing the conditions that plague so many.  I'm talking about the 21st century diseases that seem to not only have run rampant, but have come to be accepted as necessary parts of the aging process. 

Excess bodyfat. Abdominal adiposity. Diabetes. Osteopenia, osteo-arthritis and osteoporosis. Inflammatory disease. Hypothyroidism. Metabolic Syndrome.

I can keep going.  These, per protocol, are "treated" with medications, and the system has moved from a "know the patient and work to cure" paradigm to a "diagnose and medicate" paradigm.

A Diagnosis Prompted A New Protocol 

After two decades in the fitness industry, I, for the first time ever, became "a patient."  It allowed me to see things from the other side. 

In 2006 I developed odd symptoms including shakiness, involuntary muscle twitches, difficulty catching my breath, and ultimately tremors. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease after going from doctor to doctor, lab to lab, and test to test.  They looked at my brain magnetically and electronically, hooking me up to electrodes, lying me down in noisy metal narrow tunnels, and asking me to follow lights with my eyes.  Along the way to the Parkinson's diagnosis I was also told I had emphysema, allergies to dust, cats, and ragweed, and anxiety.  I was given prescriptions for inhalers, anti-depressants, and beta-blockers.  I never filled any of the prescriptions and I refused to stop searching. 

I wasn't OK with the statement the neurologist made when he delivered my diagnosis. "Don't worry, there are lots of medications and you can have a good quality of life for many years."  That gave me chills, and not in a good way.

I read, I studied, I got on airplanes, I found experts, and ultimately I found I didn't have Parkinson's disease at all.  It was a mis-diagnosis. I had inhaled mycotoxins from mold when my office was destroyed and flooded by Hurricane Wilma.  After a week using two compounds prescribed by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, I was fine. Dr. Shoemaker, the author of Mold Warriors, is an amazing family doctor with a modest practice in Pocomoke City, Maryland, a country town you'd miss if you sneezed driving through. 14 days after I first shook Dr. Shoemaker's hand my tremors were gone. My thinking was clear.  My workouts took on a renewed vigor.  I was joyous . . . but it opened up a new path for my  career.

I thought about all the people who might have stopped at the Parkinson's diagnosis.  I wondered how many people had been misdiagnosed with Lupus, MS, Parkinson's, or other disheartening labels, simply because they got ushered along by the medical paradigm.  Those who have the diseases will find great value in the meds that serve to manage their conditions, but had I stopped at the diagnosis I'd be taking handfuls of drugs today believing I'm "managing" a condition I never really had.

Through that frustrating yet enlightening experience, I realized the shortcomings in our current medical system, and I started speaking . . . not to trainers, not to the audiences I'd previously spoken before, but to physicians. I had a new message that complemented everything I had preached and promised in my career thus far, and it was embraced, more than I'd anticipated.

I knew how to deliver physical fitness.  I had done it with thousands for decades.  I know how to coach people to lose fat, increase muscle, and boost metabolism, but what if . . . along with that . . . I could help them escape the diagnoses that so many face.  What if I could help them move away from impending disease and back toward perfect health?

I looked at the science.  I opened up new discussions with biochemists.  I came to realize, there is a strategic integration of exercise and eating that makes people "better."  It goes far beyond "walking and eating healthy foods," but once understood it is anything but complex. I am not promising the exercise and eating strategy I've developed will cure anything you have been diagnosed with, but I've seen, first hand, the impact it has had on people who felt stuck and longed for physical improvement.

This is not a miracle program, but rather a flexible protocol, that works not only to improve energy, physical function, and body composition, but also works to restore biochemistry back toward optimal.  Most of the conditions that plague our unfit overfat nation are unintentionally self-induced, and they develop gradually, over time.

Our population has grown far too comfortable with a "so what" attitude. They've been led to believe that there's a "fix" for everything that ails them, and it's doled out over the pharmacy counter.  

If you believe a pill or capsule will "cure," you're likely misinformed. 

Most of the most-prescribed medications "manage" conditions. 

They do not serve to move you back along the continuum toward health, but they help to alleviate the symptoms and perhaps slow the process of degeneration. They do not make you younger, they do not make you better, and they do not treat the root causes of the evolution of the dis-ease.

Getting Younger

I've alluded several times to the concept of restoring youth. Allow me to clarify a bit, as I know the anti-aging claims run rampant everywhere from salons to the emerging "hormone replacement centers."

Your body ages through oxidation. 

In a sense, single oxygen molecules, known in the medical and scientific communities as free-radicals, break down cellular structures much as rust eats away at metal (see very cool rendering at right). 

Combine that with erratic blood sugar sparked by the typical American diet, and failure to activate some of the body's cleansing systems through movement, and the aging process takes on momentum.

Nobody can make you chronologically younger, or I'd go back to my 24th birthday and do a better job of handling the jealous ex-boyfriend of the model I was pleasantly entangled with in the restaurant in New Jersey, but you can begin creating new cellular structures that are the equivalent of "younger" cells.  In other words, you can become biologically younger and return to a sense of well being that you had years ago, and through gradual betterment there are few limits as to how far you can take the process of rejuvenation.

Now, we arrive at an exciting point in time.  I'm ready to throw the doors open, or perhaps crack them open slowly.

The last few years I've reduced my travel, reduced my live seminars, reduced my media appearances, and committed to two of what I feel are the most important things I can do with my life.  One, I'm committed to being the best dad I can possibly be to my daughter.  Two, I'm committed to understanding the human body at a higher level so I can help people reverse their movement to or toward disease, so I can serve as a true complement to the presently flawed medical community.

In the pursuit of furthering the evolution of the relationship between fitness and medicine, I've developed a stunning protocol that has not only stunned the 184 people I'd personally taken through it before expanding the protocol’s reach, but it has stunned their doctors, their spouses, their friends, and their families.  It's allowed most of those who were taking umpteen medications to eliminate or reduce their meds. It's allowed people who thought they were stuck, for life, with diagnosed conditions, to eliminate the conditions completely.

If you're starting to think this is a protocol for sick people, stay with me.  This is a protocol for humans.  It improves performance in athletes, it helps moms get back into pre-mom condition, it puts the body in a state where it readily burns fat as fuel, it increases metabolism, energy, endocrine function, and endurance.

OK, now you justifiably wonder, "can this really exist?"

I'll prove it to you.  Join me for 10 weeks of change, not for the $2425 the initial clients invested, but for only $25 a week over the course of the program.

I've released a nationwide program available live, interactively, via the web (and optionally in conjunction with an ALIVE Coach in your area if we have one available).  It includes 10 weekly webinars, each one accompanied by download materials, dividing the 10 weeks into a week-by-week odyssey delivering consistent and ongoing betterment.  You’ll not only understand the technology behind my ALIVE protocol (ALIVE is an acronym for Aggressive LIfestyle Intervention through Variable Exercise), you’ll live it.

I'm going to teach people throughout North America, of varied shapes and sizes, of varied physical conditions, to find dramatic improvement in their appearance, fitness, health, and well-being. 

Timely, Effective, and Affordable

The program is comprehensive.  It addresses the necessary mindset shifts, psychology, nutrition, and of course movement intricacies in a very entertaining way.  The group, although geographically diverse, connects on the weekly interactive seminars and via an open discussion board accessible 24 hours a day.

In the very first week I share elements of ridding the body of toxins, optimizing oxygen delivery, stoking metabolism, and growing energy stores with very simple shifts in eating.  In fact, once you understand “optimal nutrition,” your only nutritional assignment is to eat better than you had the week before.  The exercise regimen is 9 minutes and I can promise profound changes in energy and well-being.

The program progresses from week-to-week.  You’ll amaze yourself as you tap into your true potential.  Due to its structure, ALIVE has an unprecedented compliance rate.  It is NOT based on deprivation of any kind.  The workouts are anything but excessive.  You can do the routines in a gym, at home, or on the road. 

When you register, you’ll be encouraged to get some lab work done, just for your own reference.  Only then can you document the shifts in inflammatory biomarkers, sex hormones, metabolic factors, thyroid function, blood glucose, and stress hormones. 

While there are optional support offerings with an ALIVE coach (i.e. a full assessment and intake, weekly one-on-one sessions) the complete program is delivered via the webinars and handouts.  The results in ALIVE Across America have demonstrated the same trending in biomarkers, shifts in fitness, and disease reversal we’ve seen in the live groups I initiated in Florida for a much more significant price tag.

$25 per week.  Are you ready?  I can promise you this.  Your life will never be the same.

REGISTER for ALIVE Across America now!