7 Days - New Body, New Life

We are conducting a 30-day study to assess whether a combination of Greenfed AMASAI with over 30 probiotics and fruit-infused REIGN water with a water-soluble fiber (Irvingia Gabogensis) will result in weight loss and positive shifts in body composition.  The science seems to support the benefit.  Although irvingia Gabogensis has been tested in independent studies and shown to result in weight loss, this is the first study attaching it’s use to a probiotic natural food compound intending to optimize nutrient absorption and the GI environment.

If you want to participate in the study, the nutritional shift is simple.  In order for the study to have merit, we have to discount those who fail to adhere for the 30 days from the collected data.  Therefore honesty is vital.

The simple directions are, every day for a 30 day period (while it isn’t mandatory that you start on January 30th, the majority of people in the study are beginning on that day.   If it isn’t feasible due to personal conflicts or if you don’t get your shipment in time, make certain you go a full 30 days) drink 1 serving (1/2 container) of AMASAI as the first meal of the day.  2 ½ hours later have a fruit infused REIGN water and 30 minutes later, lunch.  Have another fruit-infused REIGN water 30 minutes before dinner.  That’s it.

If for any reason you find yourself “falling off” and not adhering to the directions, please send a note to phil@philkaplan.com and copy it to stacey@philkaplan.com saying you choose to withdraw from the collected data.  Of course you can still do it on your own to the best of your ability and note your results.

You’ll order your products for the 30 days from Beyond Organic.  It is suggested that you first become a Preferred customer so you can get the 20% off wholesale pricing.  For preferred customers:

You’ll order five cases (36 bottles for $125) of fruit-infused REIGN Water and three cases of AMASAI (18 bottles for $90).  The total should be $215 plus shipping.

Recommended for best results: Plain AMASAI

A separate category will be tracked for those who opt to use flavored AMASAI (which tastes great but might not lead to as significant results because of the glucose content)

If you’re unsure whether you’re better off with the plain or flavored AMASAI, order one case of Plain and two Variety packs.  That will give you 4 containers of Milk & Honey flavors, 4 containers of Raspberry, 8 containers of Plain.

There are two simple steps:

  1. Go to http://philkaplan.mybeyondorganic.com/Web/us/en/products-beverages-overview.dhtml and order the products
  2. Complete the participation form at http://yourhealthbeginsnow.com/participant-registration/