7 Days - New Body, New Life

I've been in this industry as a fitness professional since 1978 and have been entrenched in every arena connected to the world of fitness.  I've gone from health club employee to regional director, from regional director to health club owner, but my guide has always been my passion and my passion has always been personal training.  In 1986 I started Personal & Club Development, Inc., a corporation aimed at delivering ethical quality services to individuals and health clubs who wanted to break away from the hype and nonsense.  Several years later I was invited to host a radio show, and for near 20 years I've hosted the Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour.  Within that 20 year span I sought out "the Fitness Truth," and began spreading the elusive truth through seminars, media appearances, and publications.  I wrote for 14 magazines including Muscle & Fitness, Men's Health, and a slew of industry trades.  After tirelessly working to take all I had learned and condense it into a program, I released my first program titled, "The Body You Love."  That program brought me into the world of infomercials.  That isn't my world.  It's a world of tiptoing around the lines of morality in order to sell products.  It wound up in a legal battle, but that was a huge (and expensive) part of my education.  I re-released my program under the title, TRANSFORM, and in its revised form it sold well over 75,000 copies.  

In 2005 I began focusing on how exercise can prevent or reverse the new 21st century diseases, and that has since become a sort of obsession.  It led to the release of my A.L.I.V.E. protocol, an exercise and nutrition regimen that helps people from all walks of life reclaim their health and fitness once and for all.