7 Days - New Body, New Life

Gettit #7 - Beware the Tipping Point!

Your body is a detox wonder . . . until, the “load’ becomes overbearing, and once that baby overflows, one you “tip” beyond balance, you have a whole lot of cleaning up to do.  Fifteen years ago, toxins were entering our body if we smoked cigarettes or hung around with people who spent the better part of their days in nicotine clouds.  Add in auto-exhaust and the toxins pumped into our air and dumped into our water supply and our incredible biological systems could funnel out the toxins at least as quickly as they came in.  Today, things have changed dramatically.  1500 new chemical compounds are released into the environment with little EPA control every year.  Many of these have been identified as toxins, carcinogens, or agents that bring damage to entire bodily systems.  You’ll find these chemicals in your foods, your home (drywall, paint, furniture, etc.), your cleaning supplies, laundry products, fragrance products, aerosol sprays, water (even bottled water) and plastics.  You’ll find toxins come out of your AC vents in your car, seep through your home foundation from pesticides, and move through the air ducts in many office spaces.

I’ve seen the tipping point first hand.  After being exposed to mold, my body began holding onto toxins, and the “undoing” process is a bear.  It’s major. It requires a far more delicate balance between exercise and recovery, emotional stress management, super clean food choices, avoidance of perfumes, fragrances, and air fresheners, sweating, breathing, and detoxing. 

Why is our population becoming sicker?  It’s far to say that at least a portion of the reason comes down to the recognition that the buildup of toxins is leading to excessive levels of oxidative stress. 

I’ve always been healthy and fitness minded, so I had a great head start in working to beat this health challenge, but many people affected negatively by toxins lose their quality of life, their health, and in some cases, they are swallowed by toxin-induced diseases that doctors simply call cancer, leukemia, or auto immune disease. 

Today, exercise and supportive eating combined with meticulous choices as to what you put in your home and your body are essential to maintain optimal health and fitness, so minimize your exposures and get lots of clean fresh air.

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