7 Days - New Body, New Life

Allow me to start, as someone who has developed a nutritional supplement company built on quality and integrity and operated it profitably for 20 years, by saying, "if I had 50 million dollars to start a nutritional supplement company I would have worked to do precisely what ISAGENIX has done!

For those of you who have come to know me recently, you've heard me explain the virtues of the Isagenix New Zealand Protein, of their exceptional meal replacements, and of their science based prodcut aimed at metabolic health and healthy aging.  For those ho have known me for years, the frist emotion was likely SHOCK when you heard I "switched" to Isagenix.

I never make random decisions, and I rarely accept things at face value, so rest assured I dug and searched and interviewed and interrogated distributors, researchers, scientists, biochemists, and the owners of the company before I fully accepted what I now know to be fact.

No other company comes close to Isagenix in their commitment to true nutritional excellence for the masses (and for athletes).

Rather than use this space to sing the praises of the product line, I'd rather expose you to some of the research I did.  I took it upon myself to speak to Jim and Kathy Coover, the founders of the company, several times to confront some of the questions that stood in the way of my belief in their claims.  Listen to the interview below, a candid discussion, unscripted, between me, right on the cusp of being convinced, and Cathy Coover.



Phil Kaplan Interviews Isagenix Founder / Owner, Kathy Coover


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