If 75 minutes could rid your body of excess fat, move you away from the diseases that plague our population, and begin a thrilling journey toward Perfect Health, would you give me your undivided attention?

If you answered, yes, then join me for my “THE ONE THING” Webinar, THURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2016, at 7:00 PM Eastern Time

WHAAAAT?!!  75 Minutes?!?!?

How, you ask, can I possibly deliver that sort of power in 75 minutes?

Put me to the test.  I’ll share, in a hard-hitting live interactive event, accessible anywhere from your own computer, the most powerful secrets behind my A.L.I.V.E. protocol and why the ONE THING you've not yet heard changes fitness or weight loss failure into entirely new potential for the achievement of physical excellence.

In this electrifying webinar, I’ll reveal the dirty little lies told by your friendly neighborhood food suppliers, drug companies, and “research” institutions.  I’ll give you evidence to back up the facts most people remain blind to related to cholesterol, thyroid issues, excess bodyfat, and blood sugar.

Will you be leaner after 75 minutes? 

Ah, wouldn't it be nice if I can transform your body in 75 minutes?  I can't, but I can give you all the power and ammo you need.  75 minutes after you sign in, you'll be fully empowered.  Empowered to begin a simple process of change that will prove itself in a matter of days. Best of all, the routine and nutritional shifts are efficient, effective, and extraordinarily simple.

When I say “simple,” I mean simple.  This fast-track webinar is different than most of my events.  I'm skipping the complex science.  Expect the evidence, the power, and the how to . . . and . . . 

I 100% guarantee it will change your life forever.

THE ONE THING.  It’s hard hitting.  It’s factual.  For most people the truths are mind-blowing.  It’s going to completely change the way you think about exercise and food, and a leaner "better" person will start to evolve as soon as you begin applying the simple strategies delivered.  Regardless of your present physical condition, I'll show you how to immediately begin moving toward a new personal best.

What can I promise you?  I can promise that if you attend, listen, participate, and follow through, this 75 minute commitment will reshape your future, with you at the helm.

I can promise the information I’ll share is legit, is proven, is science-based, and will work for you.

I can promise you’ll understand disease, the American medical system, the food industry, and the level of deception that infiltrates every city, state, and town at an entirely new level.  You’ll know exactly how to counter the toxic onslaught that drives obesity and 21st century inflammatory illnesses, illnesses that are disturbingly accepted as "normal."  The commonplace diagnoses, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome are not only unnecessary, in the great majority of cases they're fully reversible!

Most of us were born into this world in Perfect Health. Through our environment, our habitual behaviors, our dietary choices, and our rituals we often step away from health, moving forward along what I call the "Dis-ease Continuum."  I'm going to show you how to move back toward Perfect Health, without extreme dieting, without excessive exercise, and without any deprivation.

Here's what I'm bringing you.  75 minutes that will change your life for $18. Really. No catch.  Eighteen Dollars.  Period.


Thursday, September 11, 2016, 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

As soon as you register you’ll get access information that will allow you to attend the webinar live, participate if you choose to, and get a host of special bonus follow-ups.

Are you skeptical?  Good.  There are a great many scams out there, but I want you to rest assured, this is an extreme value without equal.

$18.00.  That’s it.  Not only do you get to attend and participate, but you’ll also get a recorded copy of the webinar to review any time you want to.  It’s yours forever.

At the conclusion of the webinar you’ll be sent access to a downloadable meal plan in line with the information covered.

As if that’s not enough, you’ll also get the Functional 6 Exercise Routine with illustrations and descriptions available for immediate download.

And . .  . there’s even more.

While my intention is to deliver all the power I can in 75 minutes, making it possible for even the busiest of the busy to attend, I’m going to hang around after the event.  I'm leaving an additional 30 minutes at the end for Q&A.  You control the content of the second part if you opt to stay.  Ask anything.  You can ask by using your telephone or in an interactive on-screen chat window.  I’ll answer every question I can, and it will all be recorded and available for you to examine, re-examine, scrutinize, and learn from.



Suffice it to say, you’ll be shocked, stunned, informed, and empowered.  Here’s a tiny piece:

  • Get the real story on carbs.  Some are good, some are bad, but some are not fit for human consumption.  The wheat we’re fed is not wheat.  It is a genetically modified version of the wheat of old that drives inflammatory processes in the human body.  The whole “gluten thing” will be made crystal clear.


  • The meat we eat is not meat, at least not the way nature intended.  The important and vital proteins in dairy and beef products have been traded for rapid production and the foods we buy in the grocery stores can often be the primary driving force beind fat accumulation and disease onset.  There are healthy choices out there, but you need a compass to find the amazing health benefits of nature’s meat and dairy if you choose to include them.


  • Even foods touted as “healthy” can drive processes that run counter to health.  Believe it or not, even the word "Organic" on the produce you buy can cover up chemicals, toxins, and worse.  You’ll understand how to make the best choices and how to protect your body from those nasty little enemies hiding inside the friendly-looking food.

Here’s the beauty of the program I’m offering you.  It teaches you to navigate the waters, to make the best choices, to eat amply while you lose fat and reverse disease, and to gain control with a few simple shifts.

  • You’ll come to understand how to counter the toxic effects from insidious chemicals, preservatives, and volatile compounds in our food and water with a simple 9-minute regimen.
  • You’ll learn why a simple technique makes it not only possible, but optimal to do only 6 minutes of aerobic exercise a day for fat loss and restoration of health.
  • You’ll walk away with 6 simple exercises you can perform anywhere that allow you to enjoy the most efficient muscle and function stimulating exercise routine you’ve ever done.

The value in the information you’ll gain is extraordinary. 

REGISTER NOW.  If for any reason you find it to be less than you expected, we’ll gladly issue a refund of your $18.


Want a Quick Summation?

You'll invest only $18 and 75 minutes of your life in becoming empowered to move toward Perfect Health and optimal fitness.

I'll live up to every promise I made or your money back.

You'll gain all the empowerment you need to lose fat, improve stamina, increase energy, improve hormonal balance, and move away from dis-ease in the first 75 minutes . . . and that's all the information you need!

You can ask any questions in the 30 minutes that follow the webinar and I'll do the best I can to answer each and every question

You'll get a downloadable digital recording of the webinar and the Q&A that follows that you can view / listen to again and again.

You'll get a downloadable routine featuring six powerful exercises that can transform your body, your ability, and your performance in any of life's varied arenas.

You'll get a downloadable meal strategy and menu that makes adherhence to the nutritional principles covered simple

Best of all, you'll gain the power to reclaim your best.

That's it.  REGISTER NOW and I'll "see" you Thursday, September 29, at 7:00 PM Eastern Time for the 75-minute event that will change your life forever.

- Phil Kaplan